020 - Memory above

in Kooperation mit Anne Ehlers


Design of a multistorey parking garage, in addition integration of a secondary function


Manhattan, New York


The parking garage is a simple, functional building and it’s leading principle is an intuitive usability. As an extension to the streetscape it provides spaces for a variety of motorists.

The roof is the base for the secondary function. In a central location, but still affording a certain distance to every day life, it is suitable for use as a columbarium. In turn, this generates a unique context for the mundane parking garage.

There is only one active cemetery in Manhattan. It’s offering very few and thus extremely expensive grave sites. In addition, some religious communities keep private columbariums for interment. The cemeteries in the other boroughs are likewise filling up fast, without possibility of innercity expansion. But remembrance is an important part of society.

Manhattan residents should once again have the option to be buried in their city, in their borough - or to be close to their place of remembrance, respectively.

Memory, above. adds a layer of life that was lost to the city.